The beginning.

It sounds daunting.  Any time I utter the words of my goals, when I finally put life into them and send them off into the universe, I shudder and think, “What have I done?”

Of course this only applies to those of us that think words are powerful, that once they are said they invoke the very meanings they embody.

But, here we are at the beginning of my newest goal, running an ultramarathon.  Earlier this year I said that I wanted to run an ultra by the time I was 40.  Then a running friend of mine turned me on to a semi-local race that is reasonably priced and for a good cause and I thought it was pretty pie-in-the-sky to believe I could do this coming year, but it made me feel all sparkly inside to think I might be able to.  I “just” might.

I just about accidentally and probably out of spite ran my first half marathon a little over a year ago (another story entirely).  I fell off the running wagon and my long runs were only at about 5 miles, my pace only admirable for molasses.  Could I do this?  Could this really be the beginning of my ultra career?  A month before my 38th birthday I was considering committing to the goal I had set for myself TWO YEARS DOWN THE ROAD.

The thought became stronger, like an obsession, and then turned into an idea.  And then I said it aloud, on some random weekend after breakfast.  I told my significant other (S.O.) that I was going to do it.

“I am going to run an ultra trail run.  Not like, the long one, just like the 18 mile one.”  Yeah, I said it with that much conviction.  I was nervous (still am).  I wasn’t sure what I was dreaming myself into (still don’t).  I was somewhat pretty much determined (and am moreso each day).

The footwork (ha!) just began two weeks ago, after setting up some sloppy foundation miles over the summer.  I frankensteined three race training plans from various places on the internet and I’m sticking to it.  This is going to be a learning experience.  I figured I should document it because of all the things I learned during half-marathon training I have retained maybe a handful of things after countless lessons learned.  I guess the most important thing I learned is that I’m at the age that when I think, “Oh, there’s no way I’ll forget that”…is exactly the moment I should take a freaking note.

As much as I want to say that this will be an expertly crafted blog that will so immerse you in my life that you will learn my taste in music, appreciate my quirky personality, and fall in love with my sense of humor, I’m pretty sure it has the same likelihood of being a lot of banal minutiae about running and an occasional crochet pattern.  I’m going to shoot for somewhere in the middle.






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