14 Weeks Out

So…this weeks plan was pretty basic stuff, especially with the weather taking a turn for the frigid.  I didn’t have any crazy workouts.  It was essentially an extension of foundation miles.  For the Sunday to Saturday week, my plan was:


The “1” is because I’m streaking, it’s technically my cross-training day.  The “2”s are my quasi-rest days.  I was hoping my “4”s would be workout days but I have this nagging fear of snapping a tendon in the cold weather.  So this week, Friday was somehow warm (a whopping 35), so I was able to make it into a tempo run.  

Blah blah, boring I know.  But here’s the real issue: how will I get speedwork in during these cold months?  I feel like I will have to play it by ear.  Luckily I will always be incorporating hills by the nature of where I live.  Or, maybe my mileage will be greater to accommodate really good warm ups.  The cool thing about this experiment is that I get to learn as I go.  My end goal is completion, any finish is a PR/PB, and I just need to live to run another day.

Next weeks goal, Again Sunday to Saturday, will be 1-4-5-2-4-2-10.

Feel free to streak along with me and give me any pointers!


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