13 Weeks Out

This week I did what, for me, is unthinkable.  I integrated strength and speedwork into my routine.  I did my first fartlek in twenty years.  I did bounding drills.  Somehow I still haven’t found a sustainable hill workout…does the 1000+ feet of gain during my long run count?  As for the non-running bits of this madness, I’ll get to that below.  Mileage for the Sunday to Saturday week, my plan was:


The “1” is more like a filler since I’m streaking…but it seemed like a pretty balanced week.  I have felt pretty good mentally and physically every day.  The weather has been in the 30s for the lows so that has been in my favor too.

I posted about getting a new routine, and I’ve been sticking with it.  The only night I skipped out was the night I fell asleep early!  I start with Myssage balls, applying pressure to the tops of the hamstrings (essentially sitting on them) while I use a resistance band to strengthen my feet and ankles.  I put the band under my foot and on top of my knee, pointing and flexing my foot and then side to side, finishing with ankle rotations.

Then I lay on my back and do outer hip stretches.  After I feel pretty “opened up”, I put the Myssage balls under me toward the top of my pelvis to release that pressure and get a deep stretch.  I apply even more pressure by doing figure-4 stretches, relaxing the entire hip area.

After this I roll to one side and do clamshells, both standard (feet together, spread knees) and reverse (knees together, spread feet).  I repeat this on the other side then roll to my back again and do resistance band abductions.

This week I’d like to add some squats with the kettle bell and maybe some deadlifts.
It’s all a bit technical and boring, but I’ve got to keep a record of what I am experimenting with so I can recreate victories and eliminate failures.

Next weeks goal, Again Sunday to Saturday, will be 1-4-6-2-4-2-11.

Feel free to streak along with me and give me any pointers!


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