12 Weeks Out

You know, some people are talented and just “destined for greatness”.  Others work hard and reap immediate rewards.  I am neither of those people.


But I will tell you this…I have been working really really hard recently and I am seeing changes in my overall performance.  I don’t have the ability to quit my job and do proper workouts, but I’m trying to integrate small changes.  Basically I’m doing the same thing that I did with food when I really put forth an effort to change my eating habits back in 2013-2014.


When I changed my “eating style” I stopped eating wheat and meat.  Stopping wheat was pretty abrupt, it had been making me food-poisoning-type ill for a while when I ate some pasta and actually had to CALL OFF WORK and realized that I had to get a hold on myself.  I had to quit.  So I did it cold-turkey.  I messed up a lot.  Then I tried harder, did full-on food prep, told everyone to hold me accountable.  I tried all kinds of things and what didn’t work for me I just didn’t pursue any more.  The things that worked, I still do.  My point is that it was simple, but not EASY.  Try stuff.  If it works,. do it.  If it is not at all sustainable for your lifestyle, chuck it.  Revisit it later if you want.  It’s the same with working out.  Or trying a new wardrobe.  Or hairstyles.


I’m not going to break my neck over working out, literally or figuratively.  I am going to find ways for me to fit it into my life and I’m going to do it.  Simple.  Still not easy.


So I get up before the crack of dawn and I run.  When I need to do a “workout”, I still get up before the crack of dawn and I run.  I don’t have time to go to the track, on a typical day…so I do my intervals on the road.  They’re not pretty.  I don’t always like them.  But it’s a workout that is accessible and sustainable and I am seeing  feeling results.  My long run this past weekend felt pretty good, and it was in terrible weather conditions.  My sole mile yesterday was fast (for me) and felt amazing.  My splits are looking good, I’m clearly gaining endurance and strength.  I’m keeping the intervals.  I’m keeping the bounding drills on my Wednesday run.  I’m definitely keeping with my piriformis strengthening and stretching.


Mileage for the Sunday to Saturday week, my plan was:


The leadoff “1” was actually a “2” last week, but everything else followed the plan.



I still haven’t added squats and deadlifts, but I’m not beating myself up over it.  I’m going to stay proud of the fact that I’ve done my versions of workouts for two weeks straight, and I even did them today when I definitely wasn’t feelin’ it.


Next weeks goal, Again Sunday to Saturday, will be



Feel free to streak along with me and give me any pointers!


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